Trollbeads: Every Colour Has a Bead

Time for a new look at Tartooful… you’ll already have noticed that we’ve switched banners here on the blog, and when you drop by the website or the shop you’ll notice more of the same theme:  “Every Colour has a Bead”

Colour is a deeply emotional matter, with certain shades evoking strong reactions of energy, inspiration or calm.  There has been lots of psychological research done on the subject, to try to harness the power of colour for various reasons… for example, fast food chains tradionally have utilized hot shades of orange and red, to encourage appetite in their customers, but also to urge them to eat quickly and vacate the seat for the next hungry customer.  In contrast, hospitals and prisons utilize the calming shades of soft green and blue to keep their “guests” docile.

However, colour is even more complex than that:  each of us has a deeply personal relationship with colour.  Not only do we bring all of our history and personal memory associations to the table, but each of us physically experiences colour in a slightly different way.  There is no question in my mind that one of our patrons, the venerable MS, receives more information from a deep, rich blue than I can possibly ever hope to see.  The impact that colour has on her is clear to anyone present.  I, on the other hand, have my “sweet spot” tickled by subtle shades between red, pink, apricot, butter yellow and orange.  Think of a Summer sunset, or a “Singapore Sling”!

What does this have to do with Trollbeads?  Well, everything, really.  The breathtaking range of colour found in the Trollbeads glass and natural stones collections gives intense satisfaction to the most diehard colour junkie.  The huge variety of shades means that everyone will find a bead that strikes them emotionally – we’ve seen it at Tartooful over and over again.  It’s wonderful to find someone who never knew how much they felt colour until they fell in love with a bead.  Suddenly, a new designer is born, right in front of us, as they can’t resist finding the perfect complement to this gorgeous piece of glass and silver.  The best part is that after discovering a magical colour, or combination of colours… you can wear it on your arm, and experience that colour “hit” any time you need a little lift.  Joy!

So… the new design theme at Tartooful, “Every Colour Has a Bead” is a nod to all the people who really “Feel” colour… and to the gorgeous designs that they create using Trollbeads as their canvas.


5 thoughts on “Trollbeads: Every Colour Has a Bead

  1. Excellent blog article :-))
    Spot on what colours do to us!
    And….. finally a fellow soul being struck by the same hues as myself! No wonder I find your photos so inspiring every time, and that they leave me in a mood of satisfaction..
    Thank you so much Cathy 😀

  2. thank you for your truthful comment regarding the colour of (deep) blue and what i get out of it — tons, and tons of soul depth containing ….. well, some thing are just secret and sacred enough not to be mentioned here. pale blue is very satisfying and peaceful, as well as all strong colour of the rainbow just pull me in. i enjoy seeing my whole shebang.
    now, regarding that wonderful display of colour of the ‘wheel’ at the beginning of this story, i would absolutely love a glass bead like that, it would send me over the moon and beyond …. i might just never come down to earth again.

  3. Cathy!
    As always…… Beautifully stated… Beautifully displayed!! ( your blog as well as your window!!) I enjoy seeing your new ideas…. Always fresh and so creative!! Keep up the great work! 🙂 N

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