Trollbeads Inspiration: CF updates for Spring 2012

CF’s remarkable designs have been an inspiration to many of us over the past couple of years… Her exquisite taste and uncompromising vision result in perfectly balanced compositions in absolutely gorgeous combinations of colour.

She selected this limited edition bead when it was released for the Denmark collection on Trollbeads’ World Tour.  “Anemones” is such a lovely creation, that it wouldn’t surprise me if it inspired much of the Spring 2012 “crispy green” collection.

At our celebration of the Universal Uniques last year she found two gorgeous additions to the composition:  the glass wave designs at right have wonderfully fluid patterns and feature unusual colour combinations.

With the release of the new Spring 2012 collection, CF found a couple of worthy additions… First, a “Forest Flowers” that beautifully echoes the original “Anemones”, while still having its own unique personality.

Newly released “Green Wave” tapers the bracelet down to the “Fish Lock”, and balances the Unique beads.  The ends are perfectly matched for colour, but subtly different in size of pattern.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Lock”, “Green Wave”, “Caribbean”, “Earth”, “Pisces”, “Mixed Armadillo”, “Turquoise Bubble”, “Treasures”, “Forest Flowers”, “Lime” (retired), “Blue Agate”, “Glass Trolls”, “Blue Agate”, “Anemones”, “Silver Trace, Green-Turquoise”, “Ocean”, “Peter”, “Turquoise Armadillo”, “Pisces”, “Heart Chakra”, “Universal Unique Aqua Wave”, “Universal Unique Small Green Ripple”.

Thank you to CF for allowing us to share this beautiful update to her Ocean bracelet… stay tuned for other bracelet updates over the next few days!


3 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: CF updates for Spring 2012

  1. a delight to behold this bracelet. oceans of this world have so many layers, each depth different from the one above, which inspire our imagination toward creating unique ocean bracelets. MaLa

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