Fantasy Necklaces for the holidays…

This year Cristi and I decided that we had worked so hard at the shop that we had both made the “nice” list… so as a Christmas “bonus” to ourselves we are finally treating ourselves to fantasy necklaces!

They’ve been along time coming – you know how it goes, there is always something more pressing at the time, but we’ve been drooling on the ones at the store for months and it is finally time for us to have ones of our own…

So how to wear them for the first time?!  As you know, it doesn’t take much to create a gorgeous piece with these brilliant necklaces.

Cristi has had her eye on a beautiful “Labradorite” with the flash all on the top surface – hanging vertically on a necklace it simply glows!  We found a gorgeous “Organic bubble” with deep rich greens and golds that looks wonderful with the “Labradorite”.  The crowning touch is her retired “King & Queen”, with it’s two dichroic glass dots.  How perfect that one of the dots matches the blue of the “Labradorite” and the other is a rich gold that brings out the gold in the Labradorite.


2 thoughts on “Fantasy Necklaces for the holidays…

  1. Cathy and Cristi.
    these creations of yours are beautiful enough to awaken my desire to make one of my own. i wonder if it would work with my amber beads, maybe i could jog across the inlet and marathon up to your store – with my beads of course, and see for myself and explore the endless possibilities and before Christmas even.
    keep up with teasing us with your wonderful creations. MaLa

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