“Share a Christmas Card…”

In these digital times, receiving a postcard in the mail is such a rare treat.  That is why Trollbeads would like to invite you to participate in a wonderful global event, named “Share a Christmas Card”.

With this event we invite you, as well as many other friends of Trollbeads from around the world to exchange Christmas cards, and by doing so to participate in the Trollbeads Christmas Lottery, where you have the chance to win beads from our beautiful Christmas 2011 collection.

Register today

Starting from today, you will be able to pick up official Trollbeads Christmas cards at your local retailer or you can be creative and create your own postcards.

Register your participation in the event on Trollbeads Universe. You will get a lottery ticket when signing up for the event. For each postcard you receive and register on our Trollbeads Universe, you will get one more lottery ticket. And every time one of your postcards are received and registered you will also get a lottery ticket.

We will then draw a winner each day of December, and as we all know, there is no greater joy than giving someone a gift, so we are anxious to get this event started!

You can find all the info you need on Trollbeads Universe, so hurry over to the site and register for this fun event!

You can pick up your complimentary trollbeads Christmas Postcards from Tartooful, beginning November 12th, just perfect for sharing with your new Trollbeads friends across the globe…


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