Trollbeads Inspiration: less is more…

Sometimes we fall in love with a bead, or a new colour palette – but can’t quite commit to it for a whole bracelet.  That’s when we reach for a necklace and happily create a complete composition with only a handful of beads…

For example, in the photo above “Triple Pearl, Black” sings with “Purple Wave” and “Purple Bubbles”.  This stunning necklace could effortlessly carry one through the most formal of occasions…

Or in this photo, “Earth” and “Silver Trace, Pink” are wonderful with “Trinity” on a Fantasy Necklace with Pearl… This “Trinity” has rich, emerald coloured glass that echoes the green of “Earth”, and the juicy pink offers a perfect complementary note.  Bright, crisp and fresh – this necklace is a welcome hit of colour as we head into the dark months of the year.  Imagine this shining on the simplest of black dresses with a classic pair of pearl earrings…

For a more laid back and casual feel, try combining a “Drifting Seeds” with a pair of ambers for a warm and glowing look.  As a bonus the amber beads feel wonderful!  So warm, smooth and tactile, they become a talisman for the hands as well as the eyes.

What odd beads do you have kicking about loose in your jewellery box?  Perhaps they could become an inspired necklace…


2 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: less is more…

  1. love all three creations, the black pearls with purple waves and purple bubbles is particularly rich and deep, very much speaks to the soul. the ambers with drifting seeds are warm and inviting to the touch – i can attest to that from my amber beads necklace. the green and pink on the fantasy necklace are sparkling with a joy fitting for the holiday season which is just around the corner.
    thank you for sharing this with us. MaLa

  2. I must say i´m always looking forward to your posts! Just three beads, flattering light and you manage to show all the beauty!
    Furthermore you have an intriguing approach to combinations Cathy 🙂

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