Trollbeads Inspiration: CN’s collection part I

CN is a fabulous, smart, funny and beautiful trollie who we’re lucky enough to have as a Tartooful Patron.  She started with us, and we’ve seen her collection carefully grow, and seen her taste evolve along the way.  She recently visited us with her full collection in tow, and was kind enough to allow me to photograph it and share it here on the blog.

Here you’ll see her “Baby” bracelet.  She calls it that because it was the one she started first, and I think now she is more fond of her more recent compositions… but as you can see from the photos, her “Baby” is pretty gorgeous.  (Perhaps one day we’ll sit down to the Troll table and see if we can update it so that she falls in love again…)  I love the brilliant teal and blues…

Next up, her juicy green composition… this is an absolutely beautiful bracelet, with all the prettiest greens, softened by three “silver mountains”. (With all its shades of green, from emerald to softest jade, plus three mountains, this composition could easily be named the “North Shore” bracelet: moss, trees, ferns, Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain & Mount Seymour…)

I like the rhythm offered by the repeated bead designs – not only silver mountain, but also “Aventurine”, “Green Jade”, “Green Armadillo”, “Florence”, and “Earth”.  She has a lovely, retired “Green Dot” taking center stage, and features a perfect emerald-green retired “Mexico Lock” as her clasp.

I’ll finish for today with her ultra sophisticated and crisp black and white bracelet.  This design has lots of rich, gold accents… (which look especially amazing on her as she usually has a perfect tan!) Note the light and sparkling “Golden Quartz”, the “Black Gold” and pair of “Crown Chakras”, the golden “Honeydew Amber”, “Yellow Prism” and of course, the “Sun Bead”, with it’s sun motif in 18k gold.  We’ve noticed that the “Golden Quartz” were only available in this light, almost citrine colour for a short time, and that all subsequent examples of the design are quite a bit darker.  Added sparkle comes from the “Diamond Bead, black” and the faceted “Black Spinel”.

Next time:  CN’s collection part II.


PS. Only three sleeps until the Little Troll comes to Tartooful… we’re almost ready!


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