Trollbeads inspiration: Pomegranate & Copper part III

Regular readers of this blog will recognize this as my own bracelet… it began as a motley group of misfit beads – the “leftovers” that I loved individually, but that didn’t quite fit in on my usual bracelet.  This Autumn I was finally inspired to redesign it, (shown in part I and part II), and create something that now gives me joy every day…

I’ve added a few more beads since I last photographed this composition, and each one has dramatically changed the overall appearance.  I added a “Goldstone” to echo the warm glitter of “Brown Desert”, and to add a copper note that fits in with my inspiration colour palette.

I also moved my “Dichroic Ice” and “White Steel” over to my blue-grey bracelet, and exchanged them for my “Smoky Quartz”, which warmed up this composition right away.  I was fortunate to be offered a “Kimono Bead” in a perfect, apricot colour by one of our dear patrons, (thank you, MS!) and of course right away wanted to balance it with a “Pink Desert”.  The desert beads are among my very favorite glass, so I’m delighted to be able to feature two of them in this design. All of these changes have happened gradually over the past few weeks… and then, finally, I found one, magical bead for me while unpacking the trunk show stock:

It’s a “Rose Quartz, round” – but *what* a lovely example.  I gave up my round rose quartz to a customer who really needed it some time back, and I’ve been watching for the right replacement.  This one is a rich warm pink, very translucent and even a little bit opalescent.  It truly glows, and I couldn’t wait to put it close to the centre of this bracelet design.  I’m so enjoying it – every time I glance at my wrist I’m a little giddy!

The bracelet is just about full now, and i”m very happy with how it feels.  I’m sure there will be changes over time, and I can already foresee new colour combinations for spring… but for now “Pomegranates & Copper” feels just right to me.

…only four more sleeps until the “Little Troll” comes to Tartooful – it’ll be exciting to see so many of our favorite ladies find their new, magical beads too!


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