Trollbeads Inspiration: RT’s Troll Tree

Here’s a first peek at a composition in progress by the incomparable RT…

She is playing with two slightly different interpretations of the the feminine and lovely colour, lavender.  Anchored by a beautiful series of unique beads, and featuring her signature big, bold silvers these bracelets are distinctly RT.

One bracelet is made up of glass on the pink side of lavender and soft grey.  Glass such as “Grandma’s Favorite” and “Whirling Adventure” pair beautifully with the sophisticated black pearls of “Triple Pearl Black” and the “Limited Edition Peacock Pearl”.  The exceptionally pretty “Chalcedony” feels luminous.

Isn’t “Grandma’s Favorite” a stunning design?  I’m always astonished at how beautiful this bead is when viewed closely – try turning it on it’s side… looking at it from this unexpected angle gives it a totally new appearance.

The second bracelet is a blend of aqua and lavender, with a gorgeous “Troll Tree”  as a centerpiece.  This is an unusual choice for a bracelet, as it is easily large enough to make a dramatic pendant.  However, RT is not one to shy away from a bold statement, and as you can see, it’s a definite success.

RT pulls this delicate colour palette together with a painstakingly acquired series of uniques that incorporate both aqua and lavender.  The stripes, swirls and dots of these one of a kind beads are mesmerizing and beautiful – a gorgeous reminder of just how talented the glass artists at Trollbeads really are.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as RT continues to create these lovely new designs … C.

4 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: RT’s Troll Tree

  1. I just love to read what you write about my collection! You seem to capture the bracelets so exquisitly! Thank you so much for sharing the photos with me and on your blog, so flattering! I’ve already gotten a few comments on my new Skeleton! Thank you so much for getting one for me! It was a great visit as always, see you soon!

  2. Regina has the ability to make a statement with a few well chosen beads, and the results are always stunning. i enjoy seeing her collections and appreciate her generosity in sharing them with us via the blog.

  3. I wanted to let you know (because this is happening to me, too), that there is an ebay seller that is using the first image you have of your troll tree (and a pic of my fantasy pendant) on her sale. I don’t know what can be done about it, but I thought I would make you aware of it, because I’m sure she didn’t ask to use your photo.

    1. Hi Stacey, thank you for pointing me to this, it’s always a little disappointing when folks don’t generate their own original images for their listings… especially as this is for an item for sale, it must be an inaccurate depiction of the beads for sale, as those particular ones aren’t available! I guess in the end we’ll have to take it as a compliment on our photography… 🙂 C

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