Redflag Design: The genius is in the details

I’m just back from another inspiring trip to RedFlag design’s Vancouver studio to stock up on all their beautiful new designs for Autumn 2011.  I always leave their space having refreshed my design palate, and with an inevitable urge to come back to the shop and tidy up.

Autumn 2011 at Redflag is all about “grey on grey on grey”.  It’s very Vancouver, with its subtle and moody shades of charcoal, misty grey, soft aqua and even the odd indigo.  The over dyed recycled sailcloth has a wonderful hand and texture, with lots of natural colour variation.  They’re so lovely that a glance is enough to fall in love… but as with all the RedFlag products, it’s on closer inspection and hard, day-today use that the real genius of the designs becomes clear.

For example,  Inside each tote you’ll find a suspended zippered pocket, just the right size to safely contain all your valuables.  The top of the bag can remain open and easily accessible without compromising the security of your essentials.  Looking about the bag you’ll notice a series of circles, stitched either to the inside or outside of the bag.  They’re pleasing to look at, and might be mistaken for a decorative element until one notices that they are all reinforcing  stress points.  The grommets, zippers and pulls are sturdy, well-made and selected to not only function properly, but enhance the appearance of each piece.  The straps are hand made sennett knots that feel satisfyingly firm in the hand, and stay snug on the shoulder while in use.

The same meticulous attention to detail is applied to all  RedFlag products large and small, from duffels to shave kits and even key hanks.

Once you finish admiring the gorgeous range of colours on the shave kits below…(meet my new evening bag.  Truly.) …you’ll notice waterproof zippers, hand knotted pulls, leather tabs for ease of entry, and a gusseted design that allows the bag to expand with the size of its contents and contract with smaller loads.   With so much love put into the details, it probably goes without saying that the main construction of each bag is impeccable, with only perfect sailcloth being incorporated and the seams and construction being unbelievably strong.

RedFlag Design Autumn 2011 collection, now at Tartooful.


(Header photo & Top Tote Photo:  Redflag Design)

One thought on “Redflag Design: The genius is in the details

  1. We like these and hadn’t thought of dyeing sailcloth before, what a cool idea. Love the hanks as well. Inspiration to all who work with recycled sailcloth 🙂

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