Trollbeads Inspiration: RT’s collection update

Just *look* at this amazing eye candy!  This is the gorgeous collection of RT, who has a knack for building compositions with drama and presence.  She was in recently and made a few little adjustments here and there to her midnight blue bracelet and her hot-raspberry bracelet, so I seized the opportunity to photograph the changes.

This hot pink bracelet has a boudoir feeling about it… I think it’s the combination of the pink, lavender and the black of the “Triple Pearl, Black”.  I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but it feels very “Agent Provocateur”!  The Pink & Orange Unique cranks the heat up a few more notches, and the rare “Raspberry Armadillo Unique” is a power bead.  The complex and organic patterns of the silvers offer further interest and depth to the design.

…Just delicious, isn’t it?

This bracelet has a very different feel about it:  it’s a subtle, mysterious and highly creative composition, which utilizes lots of rare beads in an unusual combination of blue, celadon and black.  The sharp-eyed reader will spot lots of World Tour beads in the group – I’m particularly fond of the little silver mushrooms bead, and will have to hunt one down for myself!  The blue dichroic glass in the “Black Flower Mosaic” and the “Three Flowers” echoes the indigo blue of “Midnight Flower” perfectly.  I love the mix of celadon and soft grey with the indigo and black… the “Silver Mountain”, “Kimono Bead”, “Trinity”, and “Diamond Flower Limited Edition – Desert Flower” all have that subtle beach glass tone about them, which lifts the bracelet and gives it balance, life and lightness.  Of course, one can’t discuss this bracelet without mentioning the “Shadow Flower” silver bead.  It’s unexpected and fresh, and adds huge drama to this already gorgeous composition.

So lovely… (and her bracelets are too!)

Thank you again, RT!


P.S.  two sleeps… 😉

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