Trollbeads Inspiration: E’s Indigo Blues

This lovely bracelet is subtle, soft and just right for our laid back, denim-y West Coast way of life.  It belongs to E, a sweetly exuberant young Mother whose happy, positive outlook fills the room when she walks in…

I love the blend of soft, silvery greys with the rich, indigo blues, and the light contrast of the crisp whites.  She selected the “Fish Lock”, “Waves”, and the “Mermaid” as a nod to the watery tones of the composition.  She has the initials of her children on the bracelet, which adds a personal element, and you’ll see in the photo above, the silver “Baby” bead, lustily crying away… It’s a humorous badge of honour for this young Mum, for whom nights of interrupted sleep are still fresh memories!  Sharp eyed readers of this blog may note that the she selected the “Trinity” bead with the distinctive white glass dot – isn’t this just the perfect bracelet for it?

Clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Lock”, “Desert Flower”, “Trinity”, Light Blue Shadow”, “White Stripe”, “Waves”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Initial”, “Whitecap”, “Baby”, “Silver Mountain”, “Initial”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Mermaid”, “White Bubbles”, “Labradorite”.

Thank you for letting us share your bracelet, E!


P.S.  (three sleeps til the new 2011 Autumn Collection is released – but who’s counting?)

5 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: E’s Indigo Blues

  1. well, i’ll tell you who is counting – i am counting not just the sleeps, but all the minutes and seconds leading up to each sleep. and i need to be able to count to three and then some, in order to keep tabs on the time elapsed and still to tick away. and there must be some other trollies who are just as dedicated in keeping track of the sleeps. now you know. MaLa

  2. forgot to say what a pretty bracelet this is. i would like to name white with a touch of indigo. but it’s just like “you say to tomato, and i say tomaeto” for want of a better way to spell out the difference in pronounciation. MaLa

  3. hello my name is laura, and im ems sister from england, the troll beads she has chosen are perfect, what a beautiful contrast in colours and textures, this truley is a personal collection of my wonderful sister, and new mum em. i myself am hooked!, and have started a ocean theme, to remind me of holidays i spend in thailand to which has a great place in my heart, i cannot wait to complete it !!!! its going to look fab!!!!!!!

  4. Hi, my name is Lorraine and I am Em’s mum from England. I love Em’s bracelet, and am jealous that she has managed to nearly complete it. I visit Vancouver as often as I can and am also an avid collector of Troll Beads. My bracelet has a lavender/purple theme incorporating all my favourite things, and all that means something to me. I hope to have it completed before my next trip to Canada. I already have plans for my next bracelet, it will depict the legends, mystery, history, romance and diversity of our homeland, bank balance permitting…can’t wait to be in beautiful BC any time soon……miss my wonderful little grandsons sooooooooo much!!!!

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