Trollbeads Inspiration: Sapphire

This bracelet features a deep, sapphire blue, paired with simple black and white elements that together make a dramatic statement.

I was eager to play with a gorgeous set of Universal Uniques that feature this particular colour, and I was delighted to find this “Dichroic Flower”, with the perfect complementary stone.

clockwise from clasp:  “Freja Lock”, “Neither Fish Nor Bird”, “OOAK”, “Dichroic Flower”, “Grey Wolf”, “Throat Chakra”, “Treasures”, “Clear Blue Bubbles”, “Black & White Universal Unique”, “Blue Flower Universal Unique”, “Ocean”, “Black Gold”, “Blue & White Universal Unique”, “Dolphins”, “Black & White Diamond Flower Limited Edition”, “Neither Fish nor Bird”.

One tiny but happy detail is the pair of “Neither Fish Nor Bird” that frame the lock.  It’s an unexpected twist that catches the eye…


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