Trollbeads inspiration: Emerald

Inspiration works both ways:  sometimes the bracelets on our blog offer ideas to others, but just as often, we find inspiration in the bracelets that Trollbeads collectors bring into the gallery.

This bracelet was inspired by the word that one of our favorite collectors was starting a green bracelet.  Knowing that she has a real eye for colour, it will be amazing and we are looking forward to seeing how it develops.  It made me mull how I would build a brilliant green bracelet, and this is the result.

It’s really more of a black & white bracelet with green accents, and over the next few days I’ll show some images of other accent colours that could easily be substituted.

clockwise from clasp:  “Freja Lock”, “Initial N”, “Green Universal Unique”, “Black & white Diamond Flower Limited Edition”, “Transformation”, “White Universal Unique”, “Black Gold”, “Buttons”, “Earth”, “Two Sides to Everything”, “Black & White Universal Unique”, “Aventurine”, “Grey Wolf”, “Zanzibar”, “Green & White Universal Unique”, “Diamond Bead Black”, “Initial K”.

It’s fascinating to see the new, Uniques close up, through the lens of the camera.  The bead shown at left gives the impression of a crisp green and white bead in a detailed pattern.  Viewed closer, it is actually a yellow bead with white and teal detail applied.

It’s also very interesting to see how the new Uniques can be used with the designs of the regular collection.  This dramatic, black and white unique helped to shape and inspire this entire composition.


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