Trollbeads Inspiration: Leather Bracelet for Summer

This beautiful composition on a leather bracelet is soft, subtle and so easy to wear for summer.  It’s the kind of colours that work for everyday here on the West coast, but has an understated glamour that makes it satisfying and far from boring.

We started with a soft blue leather bracelet by Troll.  These pieces have two leather strands that are joined to make a double bracelet.  They are intended to be worn with only a few beads, spread loosely around the piece for a more casual feel.  The bracelet may be worn tight to the wrist, but most people prefer the a little looser, both for comfort and for aesthetics.  These bracelets are a wonderful way to display a choice few beads…perhaps a colour composition for which you only have a few beads, or simply a few favorites on which you’d like to focus… I chose a leather bracelet in the longest length possible, as I like to wear my bracelet on the loose side, and that way I have the flexibility of also being able to wear the leather strand as a necklace!

But enough about the leather, and on to the beads themselves…

Clockwise from clasp:  “Silver Lace Lock”, “Harmony”, “Smiling Cylinder”, “Ruby with Gold Core”, “Brown Desert”, “Deep Bubbles”, “Golden Cave”.

It’s only a few beads, but together they have real impact.  The soft raspberry of the ruby is echoed in the depths of the “Golden Cave” and “deep Bubbles”.  The bronze of the “Golden Cave” and the coppery shimmer of the “Brown Desert feel warm and offer a perfect colour complement.

Of course, the true star in this group is the “Ruby with Gold Core”… this unusual bead is truly extraordinary.  It’s colour is unlike anything else in the Trollbeads collection, and is instantly recognizable as something very special.  The rspberry colour is rich and deep, with tiny flecks of sparkle in its depths.  Like most of the precious stone beads, it is faceted, and catches the light to give life to its colour, showing flashes that seem pale pink to burgundy. If you haven’t had a chance to see this bead in person, do stop by the shop while we still have one in stock and see it for yourself.

(The other bead shown above is the diamond bead with gold core – a glamazon of a bead – it’s also in stock and I’ll chat more about it tomorrow!)


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