Trollbeads Inspiration: Orange!

The orange side of the Trollbeads spectrum is perhaps an acquired taste:  these are not the first beads that I was attracted to in the collection, but lately I’m finding them totally delicious.

Some of the citrus-y beads that I’m loving in this combination:  “Pumpkin”, “Honeydew Amber”, “Golden Cave”, “Troll with Big Feet”, “Power Chakra”, “Sun Circle”, “Rainbow”, and “Red/Purple Chess”.  Golden Cave is perhaps an unexpected addition here, but the bronze-gold leaf in this bead looks wonderfully orange when paired with other colours of that tone, and the lilac is a perfect complement.  The “Troll with Big Feet” has the perfect blend of orange, green and lilac shimmering in its dichroic stone.  The glistening feel is echoed in the “Rainbow” and “Honeydew” beads, which both feel like liquid light.



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