Trollbeads Inspiration: White Hot Trinity

All the glass Trollbeads have their own distinct personalities and expressions, but once in a while something really different arrives that truly stands out.

This time, it’s a “Trinity” silver bead, with its beautiful dichroic glass inserts.  The unusual element in this case is a pearly white shade of glass in one of the glass dots!  It’s almost like a white opal, with pale, delicate colour shimmering in its depths.  The other two colours are soft and pretty blue and lavender…

Seeing this unusual treat of a bead, I was inspired to create a “Summer Whites” bracelet around it:

clockwise from far right:  “Light Blue Dot”, “Pink Prism”, “Cherry Blossom”, “White Steel”, “Summer Jewel, Big”, “Milky Quartz”, “Zanzibar”, “Rose Quartz”, “Trinity”, “White Bubbles”, “White Petals”.

Light and airy… it’s just the thing for our newly arrived summer sunshine!

to contact tartooful:  604.924.0122 or


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