Pure Happiness

The new jewelry designs of Christy Feaver are simply breathtaking.

The silversmith is known for her chunky, modern pieces, with finishes and patinas inspired by the shorelines of the two continents she calls home… but the newest of her designs to arrive at Tartooful are a joyful riot of colour, set into simple, comfortable and timeless settings.

On a purely girly note, I am totally in love with her pink topaz pieces… (Cristi’s eyes lit up for the sparkling yellow citrines…)

…But there are so many mouthwatering colours in this collection:¬† rich, green peridot, lemon yellow citrine, sky blue topaz, smoky quartz, soft lavender amethyst….and of course, pink topaz.

We also have a beautiful range of her signature earrings on the shelf, as well as an array of her new necklaces, featuring silver Buddhas, lotuses and tassels. (!)

Christy Feaver’s jewelry is pure happiness…


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