Trollbeads Inspiration: H.O.’s lush garden of colour…

This lovely bracelet feels like a lush North Shore garden in full bloom, full of mossy greens, clear running streams, and woodland flowers.

The glass take centre stage, with only tiny “spacer” silvers between each one, repurposed from another bracelet.  The glass selection is a good blend of uniques, retireds and standard collection designs, with a graceful colour gradation from emerald green, through pink to deep purple.

I particularly admire the colours she has chosen to showcase in the centre of the bracelet – the “Antique Flower”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Double Flower” (retired), and “Azure Bubbles” are simply gorgeous together.  The subtle, moss green acts as a foil to the sweeter pink tones and gives interest to the entire composition.  The unusual lilac colour of the dichroic glass dot in the Black Flower Mosaic is the crowning touch, and makes the whole bracelet sing.

Finally, silver “Lotus” frame the composition, and give emphasis to the “Large Flower Lock”, giving it even more visual substance.  I like to finish bracelets with smaller designs that are well matched: either two silvers such as “Lotus”, “Small Berry”, “Lucky Knot” or “Hydrangea”… or Prism beads of various colours are also favorites of mine.  Prisms are a wonderful way of finishing two-colour compositions, as they can emphasize each of the two elements in the design.

Thank you for letting us share your bracelet…


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