Trollbeads Inspiration: Warm Blue Necklace

MR is one of tartooful’s favorite people, and it’s always fun to see what is new in her extraordinary collection… I’ve featured this necklace on the blog before, but it’s evolved since our last photo shoot, and I wanted to share the changes with our readers.

MR’s gorgeous necklace is a riot of vibrant colour and pattern;  just as alive and warm and beautiful as the woman who wears it.  This necklace is evidence that, contrary to blue’s cool reputation, it can be warm and evocative of a sunny day.  She has a lovely mix of limited edition beads, such as the “Blue Agate” from this Spring’s release, retired beads, such as the “Green Dot”,  Uniques, and carefully selected regular collection designs, such as the “Power Chakra” that anchors the centre position.

Creating a balanced composition of such diverse beads is not easy – it’s a testament to MR’s design skills that she makes it look effortless.


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