Time to Vote for the Peoples’ Bead

The Finalists have been announced in the Peoples’ Bead design competition, and Trollbeads fans can now vote online at Trollbeads Universe to pick which bead will join the collection in the Autumn.  Given the diverse nature of Troll’s own designs, it’s appropriate that the group includes a wide range of styles and subjects…

Mother Duck

“Mother Duck and her ducklings are swimming across the lake. Their little webbed feet paddle as quickly as possible to ensure they keep up with her.  This Bead represents family and how important it is to keep the family together. The inner circle of the bead represents water and the circle of the ducklings following Mother Duck represents the circle of life.”

The Piggy Bank

“The most classic piggy loves us is dedicated to saving or at least tries to.”


“During a trip to India I saw two puppies sleeping together, snuggled together, their heads resting on each other’s neck. This intimate posture moved me, peaceful and trusting, nothing could disturb them in their little universe.”


“Piecing together the many pieces of life – just like a jigsaw puzzle.”

Rolling Wave

“These rolling waves remind us of the mighty power of nature.  This bead is inspired by the tsunami that swept the east coast of Japan and left devastating damages on 11 March 2011.
The two silver wave discs are connected by a separate silver core piece (not show in model), which doesn’t bind the discs together too tightly.  This allows the wave discs to roll freely.  In sync, the discs make three large waves; out of sync, six smaller waves are created.”

Double Heart

“Double hearts, one in bright silver and the other in matte silver.”


“They say that there are only six degrees of separation between our selves and any other person on the planet.  Our lives are made up of intricate connections in the form of relationships and/or acquaintances.  Some of these connections are very fragile whilst others are surprisingly strong.  We are all connected by webs in one form or another, and they are frequent sources of comfort and support in our times of need. The message carried by this bead is that ‘You’re not alone’.”

Rosa dei Venti

“To always follow the right direction”

Be sure to visit the Trollbeads Universe site to see other designs that were submitted, and log in to vote on the finalist that you like best…



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