The real fairytale

Weddings are on my mind at the moment…

Our lovely CRB is recently engaged and happily mulling colour themes… I recently attended the beautiful celebration of a childhood friend’s marriage, and my niece Christine, is about to marry her lovely fiance Rob this weekend.  You might have spotted a previous blog entry when we received our invitations in the mail… if you missed it you can read it here .  The wedding is to take place at our home, so our place is abuzz with preparations… the Dress… The Flowers…  The Lighting.  It’s so exciting to have this “behind the scenes” view of the final preparations.

Family weddings bring people together, stress folks to the hilt, and ultimately make for legends we pass down… These love stories are illustrated with beautiful photos of earnest young couples, blinking into the bright future.  The photo above is one of my favorites: My Paternal Grandmother and Grandfather on the wedding day in Alma County New Brunswick.  They married very quietly, despite her family’s stature in the area, out of respect for an ill brother who was taxing her Mother’s energy.  Nana felt it would be too much to have a grand wedding at that time, but she still had a certain style to the event – chanel suit, jaunty fedora, sleek bobbed hair and even a necktie to echo that of the groom… But of course, the piece de resistance is the hopelessly romantic bow on her bouquet, blowing in the breeze.







The classic 1950’s bridal couple above are my parents, posing on the front lawns of their homes, only a few yards from each other.  My Father married the “Girl Next Door”.  Every immaculate detail of this big church wedding was planned by my maternal Grandmother, who proudly clipped out the glowing social column from the newspaper and pasted it into the appropriate scrapbook.

The important thing is that both marriages, with such different beginnings, stood the test of time, weathering changing economic conditions, wars, children, moves and probably scores of things that I don’t even know about.  After 25 years of loving marriage, my parents still held hands.

This is the real-life fairytale that makes each and every wedding poignant and lovely.  This is what we all wish for the fresh young couple marrying this weekend.


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