Trollbeads for Spring: Fresh Designs, Fresh Prices

The Kimono Collection

It’s all good news from Trollbeads this week, with the arrival of the new Kimono series and major price changes.

Usually when I as a consumer hear “Price Changes”, I brace myself and get ready to pay more… However, in the wake of recent administrative changes in Trollbeads, we are now pleased to be able to charge substantially less for a huge portion of the collection.  Some examples of the new pricing structure:

  • Group One Glass (basic glass):  were $40, now $31
  • Group Two Glass (chakras, Silver Mountain etc): were $51 now $43
  • Faceted Precious Stones: were $85 now $63
  • Amber: were $67 now $43
  • Prisms: were $52 now $31
  • Most Silver with Glass and Silver with Stones have also dropped, such as the Wisdom Bead, Silver which was $135, now $117.

With the rise in commodity prices for Silver & Gold it was expected that those beads would have a substantial price increase, and indeed there has been a change, but only in very small amounts.  For example, group one Silver used to be $29, and now are priced at $31.  At the top of the scale, group 5 used to sell for $59 and now are priced at $65.  Altogether, the price reductions far outweigh the increases, both in number of beads affected, and in overall dollar value.

This is great news for collectors, as now Trollbeads are even more accessible, with no change in their reknowned high quality of production or design.  Adding to your bracelet or necklace is now easier than ever…

The other wonderful news this week is that the Kimono Beads arrived at Tartooful yesterday, to a warm welcome from the lucky ladies who happened to be there when they arrived.  Most of them were quickly snapped up but there are still some beauties in stock, and more on the way.  The Kimono series is made of velvety soft, matte Japanese glass and created by Japanese designer Nozomi Kaji.  The recent and ongoing tragic events in Japan, make these beads particularly poignant & timely.


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