Trollbeads Safari Bracelet

Safari Bracelet

This dramatic bracelet was designed by Trollbeads themselves, and has been featured in countless magazines and newspapers.  Recently it ran in the Vancouver Sun, so we’ve been receiving inquiries about it at tartooful.  Featuring the colours and images of a classic African Safari, it really is a gorgeous blend of warm colours and textures.

Clockwise from lock:  “Elephant Lock”, “beige Bubbles”, “Dark Leopard”, “Mocha”, “Tigers Eye”, “Wildcat”, “Cobra”, “Diamond Bead, Black”, “Desert Flower”, “Zebra”, “Lions”, “Fur Animal”, “Golden Cave”, “Elephant”, “Translucent Flower”, Khaki Stripe”, “Lotus”.

This particular bracelet is already on its way to one fortunate tartoofuler, but we’d be happy to help you start one just for you…

C.  604.924.0122

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